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Tafsîr Bismillâh-i al-Rahmân al-Rahîm

Ahmad Yasin bin Asymuni al-Jaruni, Tafsîr Bismillâh-i al-Rahmân al-Rahîm, 65 pages, published and interpreted to pesantren version by al-Ma’had al-Islami as-Salafi Hidayatuth Thullab of Petuk Islamic Boarding School (Pondok Pesantren Petuk), Semen Sub-district, Kediri District, no year of publication; obtained from Pondok Pesantren Petuk. [Koran Interpretation] This book explains the interpretation of Basmalah. Basmalah is […]

Islam and Indonesia’s New Social Orphans

This article was originall published in Jakarta Globe. Every Ramadan, Muslims talk not only about fasting but also about helping orphans. Indeed, for those who are unable to fast and cannot make up for this later in the year, feeding orphans or the poor is seen as an equivalent deed. In the Koran there are […]

Women Against Defeat

The issue of gender inequality remains a bitter reality in society. Impoverished women experience double the pressure. First, because they are poor. Second, because they are women. For a lot of women, poverty is created. Values, social processes, institutions, and practices of discrimination that are based on prejudice have systematically rendered them alienated from economic, […]

New Women

Dr. Gaber Asfour*) QASIM Amien published the book “al-Mar`ah al-Jadîdah” in 1900, or around 100 years ago, one year after the publication of “Tahrîr al-Mar`ah” which compliments the “al-Mar`ah al-Jadîdah” in establishing a basic project for the condition development of Arab women. The basic overview of this project is that it is not only limited […]

Scarcity of Marriage Certificate

KOMPAS, Jakarta – This past few weeks have been noted by the scarcity of marriage certificate available. The Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare, Agung Laksono, responded to this by stating that this was due to an increasing amount of people who are getting married, while the Minister of Religion, Suryadharma Ali stated that it was […]

Mapping of Counter-Family Planning

GATRA, EDITION July 11 – 17 2013. Commemoration of National Family Day in Kendari, last July 29 was spent by a vigorous campaign preventing early marriage. The National Family Planning Coordination Board (BKKBN) calls it Program Generasi Berencana (Genre) – The Planned Generation. In the same package as The Raise of Minimum Age of Marriage […]

Religion, The Factor in the Declining Participation of Family Planning

JAKARTA, SATUHARAPAN.COM – So far, no other research institutions associated the downward trend of Family Planning (KB) participation with certain religious views. Lanny Octavia, a researcher in Rumah Kita Bersama (Rumah KitaB) conveyed this statement on the results of various assumptions rejecting Family Planning (KB) at the book launch in the Board of Nadhatul Ulama […]

Zumrotin K. Susilo: Inconsistencies of Anti-KB Groups

JAKARTA, SATUHARAPAN.COM – Various rejection assumptions rejection of Family Planning (KB) which were discussed in three books published by Rumah KitaB irritates one woman activist, Zumrotin K. Susilo. The response was delivered at the launch of the three books published by Rumah KitaB at the Board of Nadhatul Ulama (NU) building in Jakarta, on Thursday […]

Rumah KitaB Held A Discussion and Film Screening at PBNU

BEKASI [SuaraBekasiRaya.Com] – Rumah Kita Bersama Foundation (Rumah KitaB) an institution of Islamic studies located in Bekasi and supervised by the Deputy Secretary General of the NU, K.H. Affandi Mochtar. On Thursday, June 20, 2013, Rumah KitaB held a book launching, discussion and screening of short films at NU Building, Lt. 8 Jl. Kramat Raya […]

Rumah KitaB Conducted Studies on Family Planning

Rumah Kita Bersama or better known as Rumah KitaB is a non-profit organization that works to strengthen and empower boarding schools in the development of Islamic thinking, education, and tradition. Initiated in 2005 by Dr. H. Affandi Mochtar, but formally established in 2010, Rumah KitaB is currently led by Lies Marcoes-Natsir and has 8 permanent […]