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New Perspectives: Yearning for A-amina W-wadud

One thing that this microscopic creature routinely does to stop the movement of the world is to walk in the morning. Previously, I only did this when I had the chance, and only on weekends. But since April 2020, nearly every day, unless it’s raining, I walk three or four thousand steps near where we […]


Rumah KitaB, with support from the Oslo Coalition, has launched the draft of the book “Children’s Rights in Islam: An Initiative from Positive Law, Fiqh, Hadith and the Qur’an.” The event, attended by 74 online and offline participants, was held at Hotel Aston, Bogor, on 8 February 2022. The event opened at 1 p.m. local […]

Parenting in a pandemic: will Covid-19 boost equality in parenting?

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced adjustments in every facet of life, including family life. Parents of children aged under five years have been challenged to adapt their households to rapidly changing conditions at work, at school and in public life. The result has often been a more intensive relationship between parents and their young children, […]

Women in Islam: Hiding Her Story

by Paola Garcia The discussion of women in Islam is a highly charged one. It is an issue infected with Orientalist and Islamophobic rhetoric about the assumed inferiority and subjugation of women intrinsic in Islam. Patriarchal and oppressive cultural norms are often couched in religious terminology and deemed “Islamic” in order to justify and validate them. […]

What is Workplace Gender Equality?

Workplace Gender Equality (WGE) exists when everyone, regardless of gender, can equally access and enjoy resources, opportunities and benefits to thrive and progress at all levels. This document provides a definition of Workplace Gender Equality, as well as key points and guidelines for advancing WGE.   Contents What is WGE? Workplace Gender Equality is good […]

Democratic, Islamic values aligned in Indonesia, webinar hears

Marchio Irfan Gorbiano The Jakarta Post Democratic and Islamic values are intrinsically aligned in Muslim-majority Indonesia, experts and activists have said, amid growing concerns about a rise in religious conservatism that seeks to undermine the country’s democratic institutions. Muhammadiyah secretary-general Abdul Mu’ti said during a webinar over the weekend that he viewed democracy not only […]

Women, home and the unimaginable in pandemic

By Lies Marcoes For seven months now, the microscopic coronavirus has forced us to stop outdoor activities, work activities or studying. Morning rush hour has been sorely missed by some of us and many can no longer socialize or meet clients. Suddenly, we have to adapt to these changes. Our lives now center on “home” […]

Tilik and the gender order crisis

Tilik (The Visit, 2018), a short movie directed by Wahyu Agung Prasetyo, is a viral sensation in Indonesia. Within two weeks of being posted on YouTube, it attracted more than 20 million views.   The film follows a group of village women taking a trip to the city on the back of a truck to visit their female […]

Why we’ve created new language for coronavirus

From ‘covidiots’ to ‘quarantine and chill’, the pandemic has led to many terms that help people laugh and commiserate.   Throughout history, challenging circumstances have given rise to new ways of expressing those challenges. George Eliot, the 19th Century writer who was famously frustrated by rigid gender and lifestyle norms, is credited with the first […]

Hard times for pesantren facing Covid-19

As Indonesia began the new school year this month, face-to-face classes were still on hold. Most primary and secondary students in the public system are still required to join lessons online.   No in-depth research has been done on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on educational institutions in Indonesia but it is likely that […]