THE RUMAH KITA BERSAMA FOUNDATION (Rumah KitaB) was initiated in 2005. After going through process of maturity, the Foundation was officially established in 2010, with supports from pesantren scholars and activists from Cirebon. Currently, Rumah KitaB appointed Nur Hayati Aida as Program Director and Achmat Hilmi as as Research Director, organizing all activities with the support of young activists in its pesantren boarding schools. Currently Rumah KitaB has 7 core researchers and more than 30 network members positioned in a number of pesantren boarding schools across Indonesia.


“The realization of independent, intelligent civilized and dignified social order that upholds justice and humanity, equality, and valuing diversity.”


  • To develop resource center in creating inquisitive minds about Indonesia’s Islamic aspects as well as social changes for marginal society based on text studies from the Yellow Books (traditional Islamic books containing lessons from Arabic grammar to social and community knowledge), transformative researches, and their advocacy to decision makers.
  • To develop community-based pesantren boarding schools as mean of learning and think tank of critical Islamic minds as agents of change.
  • To perform regenerations of islamic critical minds based on repertory of classical intellection or the Yellow Books.
  • Organizing campaigns for public education and dissemination of islamic thoughts which affirms their support to the marginal society.
  • To develop the organizational and institutional capacity of Rumah KitaB as a learning organization in managing knowledge and develop critical minds, ready to face the change.