Zumrotin K. Susilo: Inconsistencies of Anti-KB Groups

JAKARTA, SATUHARAPAN.COM – Various rejection assumptions rejection of Family Planning (KB) which were discussed in three books published by Rumah KitaB irritates one woman activist, Zumrotin K. Susilo. The response was delivered at the launch of the three books published by Rumah KitaB at the Board of Nadhatul Ulama (NU) building in Jakarta, on Thursday (20/6).

“Another reason to produce more people to fight infidels, to create an army to defend God. Does God need defending? Does it not mean you are belittling God’s almightiness? They are twisting the fact. Not consistent. They think that God is great, but He still needs and army to defend Him? They say they don’t agree if childbirth is limited, but they say they agree with KB plans. I think there is a thin line between to limit and to plan,” said Zumrotin.

According to the Holy Koran, the distance of every child born should be three years apart. Breastfeeding for two years, and get pregnant again after three years. An inconsistency occurs when someone is speaking with reference to the Koran but having children and ignores the 3 years distance suggested by the Holy Koran.

Let us say there is a political party saying that the rich may have many children, but the poor should not. It is also added that having many children means having a lot of future cadres. To this statement, Zumrotin K. Susilo responded, “Wanting to win elections by disregarding family planning? What if the children choose other parties when they grow up? There is a contradiction between their views and the fact.”

“Even more surprising, they say they practice polygamy because they care for their wives. In order not to bother his wife, he must have another three wives? This is crazy, right? Does he think his first wife is not hurt by his decision? Because he feels bad and sorry for his wife’s condition (illness, etc.), he needs to marry other women? ”

The reason someone is practicing polygamy is because his wife had a baby, or tired, and that is why he is in need of another wife as an expression of affection and a symbol of his understanding to his first wife who had a baby.

“This book, if read by a person who has logical thinking might have caused them to laugh. But this book would be dangerous if read by those who have no logic.” said Zumrotin K. Susilo who had served as Vice Chairman of the Human Rights Commission.

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