Rumah KitaB Held A Discussion and Film Screening at PBNU

BEKASI [SuaraBekasiRaya.Com] – Rumah Kita Bersama Foundation (Rumah KitaB) an institution of Islamic studies located in Bekasi and supervised by the Deputy Secretary General of the NU, K.H. Affandi Mochtar. On Thursday, June 20, 2013, Rumah KitaB held a book launching, discussion and screening of short films at NU Building, Lt. 8 Jl. Kramat Raya No. 164, Central Jakarta from 13.00 – 16.00. Lies Marcoes-Natsir, the Director of the Rumah KitaB Foundation explained to the press that the agenda of the event were: Preface and Book Launch by Dr. David Hulse, followed by a Short Film Screening. Kartono Mohammad, Zumrotin Susilo, and Abdul Moqsith Ghazali delivered the presentations, while Lies Marcoes-Natsir moderated the discussion.

Lies Marcoes-Natsir explained that these books launched by the Rumah KitaB Foundation are results of the research on “Islam and Women’s Reproductive Rights” conducted by the Rumah KitaB Foundation researchers, such as, Mapping Views and Attitudes on Family Planning (KB)’ in 6 cities: Jakarta, Bogor, Cirebon, Yogyakarta, Solo, and Malang. This study mapped the Islamic group arguments, both pro and cons to the family planning program.

The findings of the court showed that some of the Muslims are against KB based on arguments from various sides: theology, ideology, social, political, and economic. This fact is important to be known by the observers of population, reproductive health activists, religious leaders, academics, women activists, the media and so on.

Based on this study, Rumah KitaB published three books, each of which is entitled: ‘Maping the Religious Views on Family Planning (KB)’, ‘Three Basic KB Rejection among Islam Fundamentalists, ‘Who Said KB is Forbidden? Rejecting the View of Islamic Fundamentalist on the Prohibition of Family Planning ‘.

“We greatly appreciate the willingness of fellow journalists to come in response to Rumah KitaB Foundation’s invitation,” said Ustadz Mukti Ali, one of the foundation’s researchers via cell phone to the SuaraBekasiRaya.Com on Wednesday (19/6) evening. [Tigto]

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