Photo Gallery of Youth Training BERDAYA in Makassar, Jun 2018

The Director of Rumah KitaB, Mrs. Lies Marcoes is conducting program introduction to the trainee’s youth

Group discussions are activities that encourage participants to communicate and express opinions

Fun introductory activity is one of the strategies to make introductions more fun

Train leadership not only through discussion, but by leading prayers can be done

Watching movies is one of the good methods used when training with teenagers

The method of delivering sexual and gender material is delivered as interesting as possible, so participants understand it

The role play method is one of the best methods for the delivery of materials related to the processing of communication skills

Participatory in training activities encourages participants to be more active and involved in all activities

Training youth about how they can express their expression

Presentation after discussion is one of the efforts to give space to the participants to convey the results of the discussion within the group

The discussion process is processed by the facilitator to provide a deep understanding

The process of active participation of participants becomes the key to the success of material understanding

Variety of games can be attributed to the material and this is the best way to do with teenagers

Review is done in the fun way with some visuals and structures so that ease the participant to understand

The atmosphere of training is getting relaxed and participants are getting to know each other

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