“Imraatuna fi al-Syariah wa al-Mujtama'” by Thahir al-Haddad

Thahir al-Haddad was born in 1899 AD and his education originally studied the traditional sciences in Madrasah Zaetunah for seven years (1913-1920 AD).
After graduating from Zaitunah, Al-Haddad became a labor activist and leftist, as a journalist and writer. With his book, “Imraatuna fi al-Shariah wa al-Mujtama”, Thahir al-Haddad became a controversial person, called infidel and until finally exiled and imprisoned. He was banished and imprisoned in Saudi Arabia, and died there, December 7, 1935, at a young age, 36 years old.
The book “Imraatuna fi al-Shariah wa al-Mujtama” “contains various issues of women and family law. It contains women’s issues like hijab or veil. It also contains family law issues. Thahir al-Haddad rejected polygamy, proposed a new divorce lawful before the court, and others.

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