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Research Monograph on Child Marriage Series 6: In Shackles of Tradition and Disguised Relationship: A Case Study of Child Marriage in Banten (Monografi Penelitian Perkawinan Anak Seri 6: Dalam Belenggu Tradisi dan Kerja Relasi Tersamar: Studi Kasus Kawin Anak di Banten)

Judul Dalam Belenggu Tradisi dan Kerja Relasi Tersamar: Studi Kasus Kawin Anak di Banten Penulis Mukti Ali Editor Lies Marcoes Penerbit Yayasan Rumah Kita Bersama Tahun 2016  

Child marriage surges amid Covid-19 and growing conservatism

Indonesia is experiencing a surge in child marriages. By June, 24,000 applications for permission to marry underage had been lodged with district and religious courts this year – more than two and a half times the total number for the whole of 2012.   This escalation goes against significant recent improvements in the legal framework, policies and […]

After 36 years, who still remembers CEDAW?

Lies Marcoes Director of Rumah Kita Bersama Foundation The day before the commemoration of the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), which falls July 24, I exchanged greetings via WhatsApp with Ibu Saparinah Sadli and Nursyahbani Katjasungkana, two prominent figures in the implementation of this convention. I asked them which of […]

Report on Webinar Discussion on the Book Fiqh on Guardianship in Cooperation between Pondok Pesantren Dar Al Fikr, Rumah KitaB and the Oslo Coalition

Cirebon, 5th July 2020   “The Tradition of Pesantren: Reading Facts Offers a Solution” CIREBON [5/7/20]. In cooperation with Pesantren Dar Al Fikr Arjawinangun, Cirebon, Rumah KitaB has again conducted a seminar for discussion of the Book Fiqh on Guardianship in order to disseminate research-based ideas about the efforts for prevention of child marriage. This […]

How Stigma Links to COVID-19 in Indonesia

Sadly, discrimination against groups, including religious communities, that become scapegoats was widely predicted as a likely response to COVID-19 in many settings. Specific instances are indeed emerging. Worrying examples are reported in Indonesia. In one case a large crowd intercepted an ambulance carrying a body, threatening to set both ambulance and body on fire. In […]