Wa ‘Allam-a Ãdam-a al-Asmâ

Ahmad Yasin bin Asymuni al-Jaruni, Wa ‘Allam-a Ãdam-a al-Asmâ`, 40 pages, published and interpreted to pesantren version by al-Ma’had al-Islami as-Salafi Hidayatuth Thullab of Petuk Islamic Boarding School (Pondok Pesantren Petuk), Semen Sub-district, Kediri District, no year of publication; obtained from Pondok Pesantren Petuk. [Koran Interpretation]


This book thoroughly explains the meanings contained in the verse “Wa ‘Allam-a Ãdam-a al-Asmâ` Kullahâ” (And God taught Adam all the names) and focuses in one aspect; education and knowledge. Knowledge is the only thing which raised mankind’s rank in the eye of God. There is no limit and dicothomy of knowledge itself. The verse explains that Adam was granted knowledge of all names by God, without exception. This indicates that all types of knowledge can be learned and acquired by man, because from the very beginning, God had given all kinds of knowledge to Adam as the father of mankind and the first man created based on science. The author describes the importance of knowledge, learning, scholars, and teaching what has been extracted from the Koran, hadith, the guidance of the Prophet’s friends, and the Islamic scholars’ descriptions. [Mukti Ali el-Qum]