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Book Roadshow: Fikih on Guardianship

Pondok Pesantren Kebon Jambu, Babakan Ciwaringin, Cirebon, West Java Friday, 6 September 2019 Achmat Hilmi, Lies Marcoes   With support from the Oslo Coalition, Rumah Kita Bersama held a “Book Roadshow” activity for the book Fikih on Guardianship on Friday, 6 September 2019,  at the Sang Dwi Cahya Mulia Women’s Mosque, Pondok Pesantren Kebun Jambu […]

Female genital mutilation is forbidden in Islam: Dar Al-Ifta

Highly-ranking Egyptian Muslim institution Dar Al-Ifta Al-Misriyyah recently confirmed in a press statement that female genital mutilation (FGM) is religiously forbidden due to it’s negative impact on physical and mental well-being. The statement came as a response to the Tadwin Center for Gender Studies, who has urged the Sheikh of Al-Azhar to reconsider unreliable fatwas released […]

Summary of Books on Fikih on Guardianship: Rereading the Right of Guardianship for Protection of Women from Forced Marriage and Child Marriage

Exposers of the Dark Current: Exploring the Works of Muslim Intellectuals in Realizing Justice for Women by Nur Hayati Aida   The world we live in now is one in which society still considers one sex as superior to the other. Nearly all arrangements in society are constructed from a male perspective, so it is […]

Lawyer Nursyahbani receives honorary doctorate from SOAS University of London

Indonesian lawyer and human rights activist Nursyahbani Katjasungkana has received an honorary doctorate from the SOAS University of London for her role in championing human rights. SOAS director Valerie Amos personally bestowed the recognition to Nursyahbani, who had “fought for and gained recognition women’s right in Indonesia”. During her speech, Nursyahbani told the audience attending […]

Meet Rizka, the Indonesian teen behind a high school superhero

Rizka Raisa Fatimah Ramli was 17 when she won Unicef’s international contest to create a high school superhero As she prepares to unveil her creation at a UN event in New York, she talks about drawing strength and inspiration from her experiences of being bullied Rizka Raisa Fatimah Ramli, the Makassar-based comic artist, was 17 […]

What Being Malala’s Father Taught Me About Feminism

By Ziauddin Yousafzai June 14, 2019 Yousafzai is the author of Let Her Fly: A Father’s Journey, a memoir about his fight for women’s rights in Pakistan and his relationship with his daughter, Malala Long before my daughter, Malala Yousafazi, was born, long before we began fighting for girls’ rights to education together, and long […]

Finland expresses its gratitude for contributions to equality with special recognition – Rumah Kita Bersama Foundation from Indonesia among the recipients

Jakarta, 11 July 2019  Finland places great significance on promoting equality in the world, and wishes to thank those who are working towards this common goal. To express its gratitude, Finland is presenting special recognition to individuals and groups around the globe. The names of the first recipients from 17 countries are released, with one […]