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Forced to marry a stranger: a child bride shares her story

Sharina* and Nazir met for the first time on their wedding day. Sharina was just 14 and Nazir was 17. Their decision to marry was not theirs to make. Instead, both of them were forced into marriage by their families. Every year, 13.5 million children under 18 are married, with many having little to no say […]

Legacy of Southeast Asia’s Muslim women rulers

By ALEXANDER WAIN March 20, 2019 @ 11:45pm THE Malay world, while united by a common language, a collective commitment to Islam and a shared history, also preserves a variously expressed but mutually-held set of customary traditions (adat). Muslim scholars, both past and present, have long debated the Islamic legitimacy of adat. In reality, however, […]

Hundreds protest against child marriage in Lebanon

BEIRUT: Hundreds protested on Saturday in Lebanon against child marriage, demanding lawmakers forbid unions below the age of 18, in a country where some faiths allow girls to be wed at 14. Organized by civil society groups, the rally attracted women of all ages — and some lawmakers — who marched on parliament in the […]

Rumah KitaB and the Campaign Against Child Marriage

Kathryn Robinson Emeritus professor in Anthropology, Australian National Univerisity Rights in marriage have been a key issue for women’s rights activists all over the world. Age at marriage is perhaps the most significant issue, even more than the free choice of a spouse. Child marriage has been a focus for Indonesian women for nearly a […]

NU Chairman Calls on Indonesian Muslims to Help Prevent Child Marriage

BY : SHEANY JANUARY 23, 2019 Jakarta. Said Aqil Siradj, chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama, the country’s largest Islamic organization, has called on Muslims to play an active role in helping to prevent child marriage in Indonesia. “Preventing child marriage is a mighty important thing to do, to avoid the negative impacts on women and children,” Siradj said, as […]

Vanessa Angel Alleged Prostitution and Gender Inequality

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Recent news about the arrest of local celebrity Vanessa Angel for her alleged involvement in underground online prostitution came under the national spotlight. However, public judgment mostly corners Vanessa and totally exposes her for being the user of the underground prostitution service, such commentary is also found in a large number of major […]

Why women ulema reject patriarchy

by Yulianti Muthmainnah The challenge of pluralism that Indonesia faces today is the strengthening of identity politics, where women are among the targets of patriarchal ideals hiding behind the robes of religion. Religion is used to justify polygyny and child marriage, among other things. Increasing efforts to revive polygyny as an acceptable practice often refer […]