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Child Pride, Not Bride

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The incident a few months ago still lingers in Fahri Ramadhan`s mind. At the time, Fahri and his friend, both still in their high school uniforms, stopped at a roadside stall to buy snacks. Unexpectedly, Fahri ran into an elementary school friend. What ruined his mood was that his friend told him that […]

Proper Sex Education as a Child’s Rights

Recently I read an article about a teenage girl who was convicted for abortion after she was raped by her teen brother. On the same day, in one of the WhatsApp group chats I belong to, a friend told her story of meeting teen boys who contracted HIV through unconsented same-sex intercourse. Meanwhile, even in […]

Syrian Child Brides Increasingly Contemplate Suicide

Salwa, a 14 year old girl, remembers chugging bleach for as long as she could. She ignored the burn as it went down her throat, and she tuned out the sound of gunshots outside her window. But Salwa, a Syrian refugee, wasn’t trying to escape the Syrian war — she was trying to escape her […]