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Counter Narratives Against the Jihadists

THE radical jihadist movement never dies. The organization’s name changes frequently but the substance of their struggle remains: consistently, the mission to create and maintain an Islamic state, the caliphate (khilafah) and sharia law, thoroughly. This mission inevitably leads them to reject all ideas about nation-state systems and democracy by labelling them as “thâghût”, because […]

The Role of Tegalgubug Women as A Symbol of Contemporary Khadijah

TEGALGUBUG is a village in Cirebon through which an inter-provincial transport flows; the Pantura (Pantai Utara Jawa – Java North Coast) route. Tegalgubug has been increasingly popular with its Pasar Sandang Murah (cheap clothing market) that contributes nicely to the dynamics of micro and macro economics. Initially, Pasar Sandang Murah was integrated with pasar sembako […]