Sailing Without Docking

sailing without dockingTitle
Sailing Without Docking: Rohingya Women and Children Refugees in Makassar and Aceh, Indonesia

Lies Marcoes

Aan M. Anshar
Armin Hari
Morenk Beladro

Yayasan Rumah Kita Bersama

Publication year


75 pages

With the title “Sailing without Docking”, this photo essay book portrays the risky journey undertaken by the Rohingya refugees. This photo essay presents a general overview of how the Rohingya have left home with no certainty about when or where they would end up. But from a women’s perspective, “Sailing without Docking” also means a life-and-death gamble in which they depend on their social and gender relations with the men around them. The urgent situation forced them to put their lives at risk as well. By fleeing, they have left their past behind and placed their bets on the future. They do all this with multiple dependency on the boat of life, which they do not steer themselves. They are not merely sailing without docking; for women, their lives depend on a fragile anchor whose line is controlled by the men around them.

And this is the result: a simple book, a kind of introduction for beginners who are interested in the problems of refugees as seen from a gender perspective. This research study seeks to close the gap in understanding the issues of women in the refugee camps, while also opening our eyes to why and how an approach more friendly to the needs of female refugees could be applied; in other words, how to not just fulfill their basic rights as humans but also address their status as female refugees.

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