A Journey Against Defeat – Narratives of Women’s Rejection of Poverty

Author: Lies Marcoes-Natsir
Photographer: Armin Hari
Editor: Roem Topatimasang
Publiser: INSISTPress, Rumah KITAB & AIPJ-AusAID
ISBN: 978-602-8384-80-35
Edition: I, April 2014
Detail: Hardcover-fullcolor: 21 x 28 cm; xvi + 285 halaman


Capturing further than the usual studies on poverty and gender, this book records the strength and toughness of women to refuse and resist the process of impoverishment. Their resistance lasts a long time, everywhere, in every sector, in various forms and ways. However, without support and solid basis, the resistance only momentary and then loses its direction.

Law actually offers hope for them. Because its nature is for the sake of universal justice, the law must be monitored and examined in order to remain in compliance with the principles of human rights, especially those that guarantee the elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence against women. This issue can no longer constantly covered up with a culture of denial as a ‘private matter’ or ‘domestic problems’ alone.