300,000 Children Living On The Street….Until Now

300,000 Children Living On The Street….Until Now

Living in Mumbai we are faced with poverty all around us. It’s an inescapable part of our reality.

We have always felt a sense of helplessness towards it. We feel like we want to contribute, we want to help and do something about it but we don’t even know where to begin.

So we, a group of engineering students, decided to take this matter up and search for some answers. Every day, thousands of street children wander around the city in search for some food, clothing and shelter. We wanted to know about their lives, their stories and if there was something we could do to help. By Our Better World

The Salaam Baalak Trust is giving them a place to call their own, to get off the street and on their feet.

Reference: https://enjoythismoment.org/300000-children-living-on-the-street-until-now/

Article by: rumahkitab

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